fastest vpn services free

The main work of a VPN service is to hide your true identity and protect your data from theft. But in doing this most of the VPN servers slow down the browsing speed. For all the speed lovers out there, we have created a list of some of the fastest VPN services. While using these services you will not feel any slow-down in speed while you browse the internet.

The speed of a VPN service depends upon the number of servers it has. If a service has a large number of servers then it is probably faster than its counterpart which has slightly less amount of servers. It is very good to know that while protecting your true identity, you can enjoy your browsing without much delay.

Top 3 Fastest VPN services

  1. ExpressVPN

It is probably one of the finest VPN service. It has all the features that a person wants in a VPN service. When we talk about the speed of ExpressVPN then it is very fast. It has around 2000 servers on 148 different locations. When you will use this VPN service, speed won’t be the problem.
  1. Hotspot Shield

It is one of the new VPM service. But that doesn’t mean it lacks anything to become one of the most popular VPN service. This VPN service has 2,500+ servers which are located at 25 locations. When you use this VPN service for downloading files then you are not going to feel any difference in speed.
  1. Private Internet Access

This VPN service has a very large number of servers. It has more than 3,150+ servers that are on 52 different locations. When you use this VPN service, you get excellent downloading speeds. You might face inconsistency sometimes but the overall performance of the VPN service is good.