Chances are that your school IT administrator will block your newly found proxy site after a few successful attempts to circumvent school’s internet restriction.
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It’s likely the IT admin will block the common proxy ports 80, 1080, or 8080. Once a port is blocked, all traffic on the port is dropped rendering it useless to you. In this case you need to find a proxy server listening of uncommon ports such 8000 for the Junkbuster proxy or 6588 for the AnalogX proxy. Click here for a list on proxy servers listening on uncommon ports. Better still, here is a simple trick that beats IT administrators hands down and allows you access blocked websites:
Open the command Prompt on your PC. Just type cmd on your PC search bar, a cmd prompt will appear on search result, Click to launch it.
Type “ping”- assuming Myspace is the blocked website you want to access. Likewise, for Facebook type “ping” and hit enter. An IP address of the website will appear.
Copy/note the IP address and paste it on your browser search box and hit enter.
Now you should be logged in to Myspace and Facebook (same goes for all of the websites you want to unblock). Cheers!