There exists many sites on the Internet (usually in the form of web-proxies) that are capable of unblocking YouTube on your computer by basically acting as a mediator between you and YouTube servers. However, such proxies have many major disadvantages especially as it pertains to video sites such as YouTube.
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For one, YouTube’s backend and frontend design changes constantly. That means proxy needs to have its own special “plugin” for YouTube (and for other sites for that matter) because simply returning what YouTube returns is not enough. Extra “parsing” to make sure video player is in the right place, to make sure the player is set to playu the right YouTube video file, related videos show up where they supposed to show, broken parts are hidden or removed, etc… If some proxy fails to keep up with those changes, it’s going to get ugly. You see this constantly with manyu proxy sites where the video you try to watch just does not show up and all you see is a black screen or a message saying “file not found” where that YouTube video was supposed to be playing.